Sunday, August 1, 2010

WBW - Top 5 Breastfeeding Moments

Here are my top five, best and worst breastfeeding moments for World Breastfeeding Week:

1. Trying to breastfeed discreetly in church for the first time. Iris decided to de-latch in the middle of let-down and I had a really strong let-down at that point because she was only about five weeks old and I had an over supply of milk. So milk goes squirting to the right and hits my Dad in the shoulder. Luckily it was Dad, and he found it funny!

I put her back on and she came off again, this time the milk goes shooting off to the left and hits the person sitting next to me! Then she did it a third time and this time the milk went shooting forward and hit a friend of mine sitting in front of me, who thankfully has four kids and thought it was hilarious. At that point I gave up and went and sat somewhere else to finish feeding her.

2. Feeding in the rain at a homebirth rally. I was standing in the rain, under an umbrella, on the steps of Parliament House, protesting, surrounded by thousands of other women wearing their babies in carriers and breastfeeding their children too. Very cool.

3. Feeding Lou walking through the airport. After the rally on the way home I was feeding Lou walking to our flight, I passed Tracey Bartram who gave me a big grin.

4. When that stupid woman at Centrelink told me they could offer me a private room to do "THAT!" in. I said with a big grin on my face "no thank-you, I'm perfectly fine here." and she glared at me, huffed and stormed off.

5. Realising when Iris was about five months old that she had been existing soley on my milk. I had grown her for nine months inside me and then another five months. She hadn't needed anything else but me. It was magic.


  1. #5 is such a powerful, beautiful moment. I remember having a couple of those myself in the first eight months we were exclusively breastfeeding *blissful sigh*

  2. yeah #5 is one of those cool moments that are totally unique "pat on the back for you mummy, i live because of you"

    I haven't ever had a issue with breastfeeding in public - am i oblivious to the snide commments and horrified looks? or have i successfully BF'd under the radar for like 4 years??? lol


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