Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melbourne Aquarium

We wanted to do something special with Iris while it was still just the three of us. She loves looking at the fish in the local pet shop so we decided to take her to Melbourne Aquarium. Iris was a bit nervous at first because some of the aquarium rooms were really dark but she soon got into the swing of things and started running around yelling "fishy, fishy" at everything. She loved the shark room where the sharks and stingrays would swim right over her head.
The trip to the aquarium was such a success that when we got home Iris wouldn't stop talking about the "fishies" so we thought it was about time we got some fish to put in our empty fish tank. We headed off to the pet shop and picked out some goldfish. Iris was really upset when we first brought the goldfish home. She stood in front of the tank crying and saying "fishies" in a sad voice. We think she thought she would get to hold them. She calmed down when she got a chance to feed them though. The family aquarium is now the first place she visits in the morning.

Friday, May 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Iris

1. Iris is obsessed with buttering toast. You can’t cook anything without Iris pulling a chair up to the bench and asking for “butta” and “toes”.
2. Iris loves numbers. She likes to point out numbers as we walk around the shops and on mailboxes in our street.
3. Iris wakes up from her afternoon naps with the most awesome bed-hair Mohawks.
4. Iris is the spitting image of her Dad at the same age.
5. She was born at 3:12 on a Wednesday afternoon.
6. She hates having her hair dried after her bath.
7. Iris’s favourite TV show is Yo Gabba Gabba.
8. Her favourite character in Gabba is Muno. She has a Muno doll that she takes to bed with her and we hear her talking to him as she goes to sleep.
9. Iris’s name means rainbow.
10. Iris’s middle name is Elizabeth after her Great Grandma on Mummy’s side.
11. Her favourite food is mandarins.
12. Iris has been doing swimming lessons since she was five months old. She knows how to kick and blow bubbles in the water but won’t do these things at her lessons, she will do them in the bath at home though.
13. Iris refuses to sleep with a blanket on her at night. If we try to sneak in there and put one on while she is asleep she will wake up and say “stuck, stuck”.
14. Iris is going to become a big sister sometime in June 2009.
15. Iris has a pet rabbit called Dexter, a guinea pig called Skittles and a cat called Toodee.
16. Iris’s first food was roast pumpkin at the classy Frankston restaurant Foodstar.
17. Iris smells like wet dog when her hair is wet.
18. Iris loves to play with older children but takes a while to warm to new adults when she meets them.
19. At 22 months Iris is still breastfeeding a few times a day despite Mummy’s expanding belly getting in the way.
20. When Iris wants a breastfeed she asks for “side”, as in she wants the other side.
21. Her favourite book is ‘Where is the Green Sheep’.
22. Iris loves technology. Computers, phones, game consoles, calculators and remote controls all fascinate her.
23. Mummy took Iris to the zoo because she thought Iris would enjoy all the different animals, the highlight of Iris’s day at the zoo were the seagulls in the picnic area.
24. Her favourite people to visit are Grandpa David and Grandma JenJen. They have two cats and lots of musical instruments so their house is an Iris paradise.
25. Iris won’t eat her toast crusts at breakfast time but she will eat Mummy and Daddy’s.
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