Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More plagerism

I'm working on a post that could take a while so to fill in the time meanwhile I have decided to copy my all my friend's blogs and get you to ask me a question...

You can be random, or funny (or try to be) or serious or a little bit naughty... and I will endeavour to answer them all...

so what do you want to know...


  1. how is the crochet hat going?
    what's your ravelry username?
    if your house was on fire and you had time to grab 5 things (other than kids/pets) what would you save and why?

  2. Hmmm...what don't I know...lol...

    Is there anything you would like to do for yourself that I could mind the girls for...like a dance class or a sports thing etc?

    What made you decide to stop going to school and how did you stick it out with the pressure from those around to go back?

  3. april...
    I fucked the hat up. I ended up with too many stitches at the end of a round. Looking at the pattern I don't think it matters but it still left me disheartened so I've gone back to granny squares again for some more practice.

    My ravelry username is mylittleiris.

    If my house was on fire I'd save my sewing machine, my laptop because it has copies of lots of my photos, photo albums and my fabric stash (does that count as one thing lol). I know that's only four things but I can't think of a fifth. Despite the fact that my house is full to the brim with crap I'm not really attached to much of it.

    There aren't any classes that I can think of off the top of my head. At the moment I'd be happy if you could take them for an hour so I could chill and watch a movie or sew without any interuptions. I don't think I've had any child free time since Steven moved out.

    For those that don't know I left school at the start of year 7 when I was 12yrs old. I stopped going to school because I was miserable, bullied and friendless and I didn't feel like I was learning anything so why bother. Primary school had been a nightmare for the most part and I could see another miserable six years in my future if I stayed. I had already been struggling with depression from a young age and I knew another six years at school would kill me. I didn't go back because I was stubborn and also scared of what would happen to me if I did go back. If the teachers who were meant to protect me were joining in the bullying then who could I turn to? I was more scared of what would happen to me at school than I was of my parents threats of what they would do if I didn't go back.

  4. On the weekends when I take H so S can sleep in I could come down to your place and take IC of your hands for an hour or two. Not sure if Bubbalou would be so impressed though.

    On to a question:

    Hmmm if you were doomed to an existence of watching on particular toddler show (ie Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine, Iggle Piggle) which would you choose?

  5. Oh by the way wouldn't the 5 item you save from your burning house be your I-Phone, or do you consider it one of your children?

  6. Lol Ealsey. I didn't think of the iPhone but that's probably because it's the only thing attached to me as much as Lou;)

    If I had to choose one children's show it would probably be In the night garden. There isn't an annoying theme song every five minutes like Thomas and I don't find it as distracting as somec of the other kids shows.

    Lou lets you hold her longer than anyone else and she must like you because now she waves at you too. I'm sure Iris would love to spend some more time with Hazz!


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