Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Per Month Challenge

So I have decided to join in the one per month challenge over at chaletgirl's blog. I have heaps of cookbooks and craft books that I have never made anything out of so hopefully this will encourage me to try some new things and give me some new blog fodder as well.

For January I have chosen The Ultimate Mixer Cookbook by Kay Halsey as my cookbook.

I got a KitchenAid for Christmas that I haven't used yet so cooking something out of this book will give me a chance to try it out. I'm thinking I'll make the Pizza Margherita.

For my craft book I've chosen Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule.

I've had this book for a few months now but I've yet to make anything out of it. There are so many great projects that I want to sew but I think I'll start with a practical one. We are in desperate need of some more bath mats so I'm going to sew the towel rug.

Do any of my newly blogging friends want to join in the challenge? I have plenty of books I can loan out...


  1. sounds like a great idea might have to give it a go too

  2. oooh Sarah that is a wicked idea! I don't have many cook books but I have a truckload of food magazines LOL, works for me! Dunno if I can do a craft one as well though, I think knitting is a bit more time intense, might have to ponder that one, I actually have something in mind. Ought to ramble about it on my own blog hey... ;p

  3. I can't wait to see what you both come up with:)

  4. I have coveted Amanda Blake Soule's craft books for months and months, maybe I should just buy it for myself. I look forward to seeing how the projects turn out.

  5. I found your blog from Ilythia Inspired and came across this post. I just bought Amanda's book and I am too going to try to one project at a time but I like the idea of one a month as I have 2 little boys about the same age of your girls. Aloha from Maui! Excited to see how the 1st project turns out!


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