Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melbourne Aquarium

We wanted to do something special with Iris while it was still just the three of us. She loves looking at the fish in the local pet shop so we decided to take her to Melbourne Aquarium. Iris was a bit nervous at first because some of the aquarium rooms were really dark but she soon got into the swing of things and started running around yelling "fishy, fishy" at everything. She loved the shark room where the sharks and stingrays would swim right over her head.
The trip to the aquarium was such a success that when we got home Iris wouldn't stop talking about the "fishies" so we thought it was about time we got some fish to put in our empty fish tank. We headed off to the pet shop and picked out some goldfish. Iris was really upset when we first brought the goldfish home. She stood in front of the tank crying and saying "fishies" in a sad voice. We think she thought she would get to hold them. She calmed down when she got a chance to feed them though. The family aquarium is now the first place she visits in the morning.

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